DE CRUISERS TRAVELS & RECRUITMENT SERVICES  is a pioneering Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions company that provides manpower sourcing services for organizations across the globe. The company offers recruitment and placement solutions for companies seeking to find high-performance individuals and possibly the most qualified professionals from Nigeria. These services are provided using cutting-edge technology, a committed team, and revitalized processes that:

  • Reduces the time for sourcing candidates for recruitment;
  • Improves the efficiency of the recruitment and placement processes; and
  • Reduces the clutter of unqualified candidates that enter the recruitment pipeline by providing re-screening and pre-screening facilities


Our company, DE CRUISERS TRAVELS & RECRUITMENT SERVICES is among the multifaceted recruitment business establishment in the country, reputed for its integrity and professionalism.

As recruitment agents, DE CRUISERS TRAVELS & RECRUITMENT SERVICES handles all allotment requirements as provided for by the Nigerian Ministry of Labor and Productivity, and also all the requirements for the Nigerian’s Department of Labor and Employment. It provides its Principals with the comprehensive monthly statements of accounts, which are properly supported.

DE CRUISERS TRAVELS & RECRUITMENT SERVICES was established to facilitate the increasing demand for NIGERIANS MANPOWER worldwide.


  • We recruit candidates under the parameters set forth by our clients.
  • We conduct meticulous screening of candidates (Licenses, background, references and credentials).
  • We work with candidates and clients to ensure that the recruiting process is conducted as smooth as possible.

Since our service lends itself so well to your type of business and because we understand the challenges that you face in the recruitment of qualified personnel, DE CRUISERS TRAVELS & RECRUITMENT SERVICES  would like to offer its experience, knowledge & commitment to deliver the services and people that you need – manpower recruitment that is performed in a highly professional manner, cost-effective, well planned, efficiently performed, carefully coordinated and regularly updated.